Multiple UART With Raspberry Pi The

The super easy and very popular minicomputer Raspberry is the first choice of developer for
developing super amazing projects. Raspberry Pi gives the number of GPIOs for easy interfacing of
various modules. Raspberry Pi has SPI, I2C, and UART broken out over the I/O port. Since it has
only one UART port so only one device can be connected to it, which is very problematic to many
developers.So, what if you need the RasPi to access another?
There are a number of steps and procedures to access 2nd UART on the Raspberry Pi.
1) I2C to UART converter: There a number of ICs in the market launched by renowned
companies which are I2C to UART converters. You can access the UART port via I2C
protocol. Some ICs are, NXP SC16IS750.
2) SPI to UART Converter: MAX3110E SPI to UART is one of the IC which can be used to
have a number of UART using SPI interface. Raspberry Pi has two SPI buses to connect more
than one slave.
3) Use another microcontroller with Pi: There a number of AVR, pic etc, microcontrollers which
have more than one UART, it is actually fairly straightforward to access a 2nd UART on the
Raspberry Pi. Like on Arduino we can use Software Serial to which we can connect a number
of UART devices. In this procedure, Arduino(Second controller) just simply send the data
collected from various UARTs connected to it to Raspberry Pi via any available protocol
(UART, SPI or I2C).
4) Software Serial in Raspberry Pi: If you don’t want any extra hardware, then this method is
right for you.

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